Let's Take a Walk: Kildare Lane, Coogee

This relatively short, but beautiful walk starts in Beach Street, Coogee and ends at Gordons Bay.

Kildare Lane was named after the County in Ireland.

The walk begins on a small set of steps between Numbers 79 and 81 Beach Street, Coogee. Follow the narrow landscaped pathway east towards Gordons Bay for 260 metres. Halfway along, you will cross Gordon Street.

At end of the pathway you will reach the junction of Moore Street and the Eastern Coastal Walkway. If you turn left and walk down the path for another 270 metres you will come to head of Gordon's Bay. Here you can see the beautiful unspoit vista along the bay - one of the hidden gems of Sydney's coastline.

If you were turn right instead and follow the pathway south, you will come to Coogee Beach. There are magnificant views overlooking Coogee and the headlands to the south from Coogee's northern headland.

Paul Convy

Kildare Lane Coogee

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