Let'st Take a Walk: Randwick Environmental Park

Randwick Environmental Park was created when the former Australian Defence Forces lands at Randwick were redeveloped during the 1990s and 2000s.

Randwick Environmental Park

The Park covers almost 20 hectares and includes a remarkable site: a small inland lake in the centre of the park. When I visited the Park in October 2012, black swans, ducks, cormorants and geese were on the water. The park is a haven for native flora and fauna, including many threatened and endangered species.

The park also includes bike tracks, walking trails, picnic shelters, bar-b-ques, viewing platforms, community gardens and children's playground. It links the suburbs of Randwick and Maroubra. I walked from Bundock Street Randwick to Holmes Street Maroubra. I could not locate any public toilets.

The land was originally part of the Randwick Army Barracks and was used as a rifle range and horse riding training ground during World War I.

Part of Naval Stores' Building No. 23 has been preserved as a reminder of the vital role the facility played in supplying allied navies during World War Two. During the War, 24 large stores buildings and a number of smaller ancillary buildings were constructed from 1943 to 1944 to permit the supply and victualling of the navies of Australia, the UK and the USA. Units of these navies were based in Sydney and operated against the Japanese in the Pacific. Each of the large buildings was 104 metres long, 46 metres wide and 4.6 metres high. Because of wartime shortages of steel, the structural members of the building were constructed of Australian hardwood and faced in timber.

Level Walk
The walk is generally level and on well-made paths and it took me about 45 minutes by the time I stopped and inspected everything. The level of fitness required would suit anyone who could walk on level ground for half an hour or so. I could imagine that I was in the middle of a rural wetlands reserve rather than being in the centre of a densely populated suburb.

Paul Convy

Randwick Environmental Park Randwick Environmental Park

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