Let's Take a Walk: Old Tramway Reserve, Randwick to Coogee

This relatively short, but beautiful walk starts at a small triangular park on the intersection of Dudley and St Paul's Street, Randwick. It marks what was until the 1960s the route of tramway from Randwick to Coogee. The small park is now on the Coogee-bound bus stop for bus routes 372 and 373. Its large shade trees provide cool shadows.

Dudley Street Coogee
Start of the walk - corner of St Paul's & Dudley Streets

Coogee Tram Line
The tram route branched from the line to Clovelly at Darley Road, Randwick. It ran down King Street beside the old Randwick Tramway Workshops, then ran in its own reservation to Belmore Road. It then ran down Perouse Road to St Pauls Street and then travelled over a tramway reservation on which this walk is based. It then joined Carr Street and onto Arden Street before terminating in a loop at Dolphin Street, Coogee Beach. It ran through several small tram reservations on its way down from Randwick to the beach. The line from Randwick to Coogee opened in 1883, was electrified in 1902 and closed in 1960. It follows near the current route of bus 373.

Formal Gardens
Once you have crossed Dudley Street, proceed east and enter to left of Number 11a Dudley Street, through the thin strip of formal gardens. Follow the made pathway for 110 metres until you reach Carrington Road. These very pleasant gardens, bordered by housing on both sides, have been created and maintained by volunteers.

Tramway Park

Level Eastern Half of Walk
Cross Carrington Road (being careful of busy traffic) and immediately opposite is start of the second part of the walk. Proceed along the made pathway for 150 metres until you come to Melody Street. The exit to the walk is between numbers 88 and 90 Melody Street. The second strip of parkland is planted with tree shrubs and shaded by impressive trees. You can see a number of the 1920s style blocks of units typical of the Coogee basin.

Ahead you can see the fence line of Coogee Public School. The tram reservation originally ran further south-east for another 110 metres to the intersection of Byron and Carr Streets. This part of the reservation has now been incorporated into the School's playing fields as it's Centenary Playground and is not open to the public.

Baker Park & Ocean Views
You can extend your walk by proceeding south along the southern extension to Melody Street and crossing Carr Street. (120 metres). Walk through Baker Park past the Coogee RSL Club, and after another 120 metres and you will eventually rejoin Dudley Street. Public toilets and a children's playground are located among the Moreton Bay Figs and Palms.

Proceed south again, crossing Dudley Street to Lette Park. The top of this triangual piece of parkland bordered by Thomas, Dudley & Higgs Streets provides magnificent views over the Coogee basin and out to the Pacific Ocean. (You may find it easier to walk along Higgs Street, to reach to top of the Park).

Lette Park, Coogee
Palms in Lette Park

Paul Convy

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